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185 Ways To Have Your Food "Elmo'd" With Satan's Breath Spices

Items can be custom blended to avoid spices you're allergic to.

1-ADOBO-$5.00–(2,000 SU) is a very popular Mexican Spice. It is good Sprinkle on any meal and soups or chilies. It’s spicy and rich without a lot of heat, but it is high in flavor. It will really zest up your recipes.

2-ALLSPICE- $6.50–is used for breads, pies, cakes, cookies, canning and mulled wine or cider. For adding a great flavor to your next meatloaf, or hamburgers, mix in ½ teaspoon of Allspice to each 1 lb hamburger. In your next recipe for Angel Food or white cake, add in 1 teaspoon of allspice to your cake mixture and check out the flavor.

3-ANCHO CHILI POWDER-$6.50–This is the most popular chili in Mexican cooking. This spice is popular in red chili, 3 tamales, stews, beans and rice, and meat dishes. It is also good sprinkled on Devil eggs for those who have allergies to paprika.

4-ANDOUILLE SEASONING-$6.50-is a good sausage or meatloaf seasoning. Good in gumbos and Cajun cooking.

5-ANISE SEED, GROUND-$5.50-is a great flavor for fish and shellfish. Make a sauce for grilling fish by combining toasted anise seeds with olive oil, butter, and lemon juice and onion granules. When ground, the seeds may be used in soup or stews.

6-ANISE SEEDS, WHOLE-$5.50-are used whole to infuse oils and in certain sausage blends.

7-ANNATTO SEEDS-$6.50 (achiote)– are used in Mexican, South American, and Spanish Cooking. Simmer 1 cup olive oil with ½- cup annatto seeds. The reddish oil is used for color and flavor for rice, pastas and will enhance the flavor of fish and chicken enchiladas.

8-BASIL, GROUND-$5.00–for increase the flavor of soups, salads, vegetables and tomato dishes. It combines well with garlic, thyme and oregano. 

9-BAY LEAVES, GROUND-$5.00-can be added to beans, spaghetti sauce, chili, meats, poultry, fish and vegetable dishes. Use in different types of soup for a pungent flavor.

10-BBQ RUB, SMOKING-$8.50-is a hot spicy Bar-B-Q Rub used for poultry, pork, beef and fish. This is an excellent flavor with a little spark to the tongue.

11-BEEF AND PORK SEASONING-$8.50-is an excellent mesquite smoky taste for any type beef or pork. It is a great flavor to increase any flavor for grilling.

12-BEEF CHILI MIX-$8.50-Used to cook Texas style chili, no beans.

13-BIGHT OF THE CAPE-$8.50 - A wonderful Habanero flavor as if it just fell off the vine. Use for soups, hot wings and BBQ dishes. Extra hot and on a scale of 0-10 it is a 12, so use sparingly.

14-BIRDSEYE PEPPER, WHOLE-$8.50 (130,000 SU.) Is a whole small pepper raised in Africa and may be used for any type cooking when heat is desired, such as chili. May be used whole or ground, depending on the cooks needs. 

15-BLACKBEARD’S TREASURE-$8.50-May be used for a dry rub for rib & roast, lamb & chicken. Greatly improves the taste of your cuts of meat and various other dishes as a simple seasoning. Try it in your vegetables, hamburgers, fries and fruit. It has 4 1% of your daily allowance of salt. Salt is the least amount of ingredient in the mixture.

16-BLACKENING RUB-$8.50-is a darkening spicy rub for chicken, pork, beef and lamb for that special grill crusted flavor.



19-ELMO’S DRY RUB-$8.50-is used for brisket and ribs as well as any meat you need a rub for. Great flavor. 

20-CAJUN BLEND-$8.50-is very popular seasoning in the United State. This is a good all round spice that is used in any recipe to give it a little zest. There are a lot of recipes on our web site using this spice since I’ve made it since “1953”. It has been proven it is a worthy keeper. See all the recipes listed for this spice on my web page.

21-CARAWAY SEEDS-$6.50-Used in pork, sauerkraut, apple sauce, cake, cookies and biscuits.

22-CAYENNE GARLIC-$6.50- is for garlic lovers who like a mild heat added to their food. Great for garlic bread and dishes you wish to have a garlic flavor. (Heat, level 2) Garlic is for Lovers.

23-CAYENNE PEPPER-$6.50-40,000 Scoville Units-This is a milder cayenne for general seasoning. Use a dash of cayenne to replace the need for salt. It gives you an instant flash of fiery flavor for chili. It can also be used for replacing paprika in potato salad, deviled eggs for those who have allergies to paprika. This spice is a must for all Cajun Dishes.

24-CAYENNE PEPPER-$6.50-60,000 Scoville Units -is the same as above, just more heat.

24-A-CAYENNE PEPPER-$6.50-90,000 Scoville Units- is the same as above, just more heat.

25-CAYENNE PEPPER-$6.50-120,000 Scoville Units- is the same as above, just more heat.

26-CAYENNE PEPPER-$6.50-160,000 Scoville Units-is the hottest and most favorable of the cayennes. Extremely hot, but “boy”!

27-CELERY SEEDS, GROUND-$5.00– You can use celery seeds in lieu of fresh celery and get the same flavor in stock or soups. It can also be used in other recipes such as casseroles and other dishes when such as chicken, potato salad and breads. Use when fresh celery is not on hand. WHOLE-$5.00-Used in sausage, cold slaw, potato salad and pickles, etc.

28-CHILI POWDER, ELMO’S BLEND-$8.50-(60,000 SU) is used in dishes from grits to chili for that ultimate chili flavor. Try 5 it in your next dish whether it be Mexican, meatloaf, eggs, shell fish, sausage or pork & beans. The flavor will really surprise you.

29-CHINESE 5 SPICE-$8.50-is used in French toast, pancakes, pies, fresh fruit, cooked fruit and desserts. It can be used for a meat seasoning. For adding a great flavor to your next meatloaf, or hamburgers, mix in ½ teaspoon of Chinese 5 Spice to each 1 lb hamburger.

30- CHIPOTLE CHILI POWDER-$8.50-(70,000 SU) is used as a chili powder when you want it to have a taste of roasted Jalapeño Pepper.

31- CHIPOTLE RUB-$8.50-A special blend of chipotle pepper above and other spices to make the ultimate rub for beef and pork with a Jalapeño tang. It is delight to your tongue.



34-COBRA CHILI POWDER, KING-$7.50-is extra hot cayenne chili powder that has about 90,000 SU. Use similar to cayenne (carefully).

35-COBRA GARLIC-$6.50-(90,000 SU) is for garlic lovers who want a taste of the heat (level 3) and is half- way between cayenne and Jalapeño Garlic.  


36-CORIANDER, GROUND-$9.50-is light lemony flavor used in fish, and poultry for roasting or grilling meats. It is also good for hi temperature pan fried meats. The leaves are also used for cilantro.

37-BAYOU BURN-8.50- is really great for grilling seasoning for steaks, hamburgers, poultry, fish and pork with heat and flavor.

38-CREOLE SEASONING-$8.50-is hotter than Cajun Blend, but it is the greatest in Creole cooking. Try it in your next Shrimp Creole, Jambalaya, or Gumbo. You will grin.

39-CUMIN, GROUND-$5.50-is the ultimate Southwest Spice. It is excellent on chicken, pork or beef and your next batch of deviled eggs. It is also good for chili, spicy meat stews and barbecue. Mix it with olive oil, garlic and use it as a drizzle over cooked potatoes and vegetables. Ground cumin is stronger than whole seeds. 

40-CUMIN, WHOLE SEEDS-$5.50-is not as strong as the ground version. It is used in all things where you want a little smoky taste such as casseroles, stews and soups. It is also used in southwestern cooking. 

41-CURRY POWDER, ELMO’S BLEND-$7.00-is a hot & spicy Curry Flavored Spice used for beef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey, duck and rice dishes. It is wonderful for Indian flavored cooking and recipes.

42-DILL SEED, WHOLE $7.00-Used for sauces, dressings, fish, sandwiches, and curry and other creamy foods. 

43-ELMO’S BBQ SAUCE MIX-$6.50 SMALL- $8.50 LARGE-(do it your self vinegar base) is great for BBQ 6 pork, poultry, seafood, especially jump mullet. Put your vinegar with my spice! Surprise, Surprise.

44-ELMO’S FABULOUS FINISH-$9.50-is an all round excellent flavor for most any dish. Try it on your salad, spaghetti, pasta, vegetables, chicken, pork chops, steaks, potatoes, fries and bread. It is a delicious cheese flavor with heat.

45-HOT ROASTED PEANUTS-$--Jars on shelf as marked by wts.

46-ELMO’S SEASON IT ALL-$8.50-is good for all round stir fry seasoning whether it is vegetables, meats or any combination thereof. It has a slight amount of heat, but it only adds to the flavor.

47-ELMO’S SEAFOOD SEASONING-$8.00-Used this seafood seasoning on all your fish, shrimp, scallops, oysters, and crab or fish cakes. If it comes out of the ocean, then it is a good combination with Elmo’s Seafood Seasoning. It can also be used as a shrimp and crab boil. The next time you have salmon steaks, salmon cakes or fish cakes on the grill try the sea food seasoning. Since I’ve made it since”1953”it has proven it is worthy as a keeper. Some say, “Better than ole bay”.

48-ELMO’S SPECIAL RESERVE-$8.50- is really great for blackening and all round grilling seasoning for steaks,urgers, poultry, fish and pork. Use in conjunction with the Honey BBQ Rub if you want the best crustation and blacking you could ever ask for with absolutely no burning. Ask for the Blackening Steak Recipe.

49-ELMO’S SWEETMEAT RUB-$8.50-has the freshness of the Caribbean with the heat of Texas. It is excellent on pork, beef and poultry. It is good for all grilling items, even egg plant, squash and steamed onions. Ask for the “BOSTON BUTT’ receipe.

50-ENCRUSTED BLACKENING-$8.50-is great for blackening beef, pork, lamb, chicken or seafood. The protein and dehydrated honey work excellent together to give you a great blackening without burning. It makes great grilling for squash, egg plant and steamed onions. Wrap onions in Reynolds Wrap loosely with spice and a little olive oil.

51-FAJITIA SEASONING-$8.50- is used with your onions, garlic, peppers and meat while you are doing your Fajita stir-fry. It has a great flavor.

52-FENNEL SEEDS-$5.00-Toasting fennel seeds will bring out the best flavor. Add them to meatballs, meatloaf, and sausage for a good Italian taste. Sauté fennel seeds with onions, sliced peppers and sausage for a quick pasta sauce.

53-FENNUGREEK SEEDS, GROUND-$5.00-seeds are used for curries, pickles and fish cooking. Ground fenugreek is used for flavoring spinach and sweet rice. Lightly roasting the seeds will bring out the sweetness of the seeds, but over cooking will make them bitter.

54-FENNUGREEK SEEDS, WHOLE-5.00 -are used in southern Indian cooking and curries.

55-FILÉ GUMBO-$6.50-is a spice made from sassafras leaves and is a great way to thicken stews and gumbos instead of flour or corn starch.

56-FIRE & BRIMSTONE / ANTI MOSQUITO-$8.50 is used in chili, BBQ, poultry, beef, pork, lamb and veal or anything else you want hot. This one is at the upper end of the scale. 

57-FRIED CHICKEN STUFF-$7.50-is for hot spicy fried chicken similar to Bo-Jangles Cajun Style Chicken.

58-GARAM MASALA-$7.00-Garam means hot and Masala means spice and it is used as an after spice and garnish dressing. It will take over when the commercial cook gives up. Boost the heat baby. Put in your next breader. 

59-GARLIC GRANULES-$7.00-Better than garlic powder, because it holds the more flavor. Good for anything when you want garlic flavor such as pasta sauces, stews, soups, with oil and vinegar dressing, marinades and rubs.

60-GARLIC PEPPER-$7.00-is a premixed garlic and pepper for a precooking seasoning on all types’ dishes and meats. I have also used it as a wonderful salad dressing mixed with oil & vinegar.


61-GARLIC, ROASTED FRESH CLOVES-$8.50-is a fresh roasted clove which is roasted, dried and then minced at 1/8”. It has a good full smoky flavor.

62-GINGER POWDER-$5.00-for sweet and savory cooking. It is good for chili, spicy meat stews and Bar-B-Q. Mix with olive oil and try it on your next shrimp Creole, jambalaya or gumbo. It is great in Creole cooking.

63-GREEK RUB-$8.50-is a good rub for lamb, pork or beef. Try it on your next grilling project. Rub spice mixture evenly over meat, coating the entire surface. Cook meat as desired, or cover and refrigerate for 15 minutes to several hours to boost flavors.

64-GUAJILLO PEPPER-$6.50 is a good rub for lamb, pork or beef. Try it on your next grilling project.

65-HABANERO HOT SAUCE-$8.50- Bottled on shelf.

66-CHIPOTLE HOT SAUCE-$7.50-Bottled on shelf.

67&68 -HABANERO PEPPER, ORANGE OR BROWN-GROUND-$11.00-160,000 Scoville units)-is when you need to superheat your next bowl of chili or hot wings. Use it as a cooking spice or sprinkle on at the table.

69-HICKORY SMOKE POWDER-$8.00-will gives your dish the taste of hickory without the smoke in your eyes or having to worry with the wood chips.

70-HONEY BBQ RUB-$7.00-is a spice that can be used on anything your imagination can dream of. It can be used on buttered bread before toasting, salads etc. It can also be used as a blackening agent for chicken, pork chops, steaks, seafood. See the recipes for this process in the cook book or e-mail me and I will get right back to you. It’s delicious to the taste.

71-HONEY CHILI RUB- $7.50-is used same as the Honey BBQ Rub only it adds a little heat.


73-HOT TOTTY-$8.50-is a spicy dry rub that can be used as a rub or a sprinkle on spice. Try it with your next batch of ribs or wings. It is also great on chicken, steaks and pork chops.

74-CORNBREAD & HUSHPUPPY MIX-$6.50-Is for the best fried fish, cornbread and hushpuppies with the left over breader with just a little water after battering fish.

75-ITALIAN SEASONING, REGULAR-$6.50-Is the best regular taste of Italy with out the heat. It is great for meatballs and Italian dishes with out the heat. It also makes a great dip. Try it at your next party.

76-ITALIAN SAUSAGE SEASONING, X-Hot-$7.50- is used in Hot Italian Sausage, Patties & Meatballs. This sausage blend makes great sandwich burgers, breakfast patties or meatballs for your spaghetti. It is best if you roasted or grilled links for breakfast. There is not enough fat (grease) to fry without oil. We put the “X” in the hot only because it is hotter than the grocery store hot.

77-JALAPEÑO GARLIC-$8.50-is for garlic the lovers who like heat. (Level 1) Used for garlicky heat. 

78-JALAPEÑO HERB SAUSAGE SEASONING-$6.50-for sausage or meatloaf and stews.



80-JALAPEÑO ONION GRANULES-$8.50-is a great season for the onion lovers, and has a little heat. It is Unbelievable good.

81-JALAPEÑO PEPPER FLAKES-$6.00- are used for sprinkles the same as red pepper flakes. A little hotter, it is great on your pizza.

82-JALAPEÑO PEPPER GROUND-$9.00-is a very fresh tasting pepper flavor with low heat. Great for types cooking or as a sprinkle on. It is known as a good flavor with a heat background.

83-JAMAICAN JERK SEASONING-$7.50-is a spice for any kind of Caribbean cooking, especially jerk dishes including pork, beef, chicken or seafood.

84-KEILBASA SEASONING-$6.50-for sausage or meatloaf and stews.

85-LEMON PEEL, GRANULES-$7.50-Used for sauces, fish, dips or recipes that calls for lemon zest or frostings.

86-LEMON PEPPER-$7.50(no salt)-used for salads, fish seasoning to make the fish milder.

86-A-LEMON PEPPER-$7.00(with salt)-used for salads, fish seasoning to make the fish milder.

87-LOVE-$8.50-is great with any stir-fry especially chicken. You can always say this was cook with “LOVE”.

88-MAKA ME CRAZY HONEY-$8.50-is used to encrust any type of meat that is slow cooked such as Briskets, Ribs, Roast or steaks. It will make a good favorable blackening. The tastes will “Maka You Crazy!

89-MALABAR PEPPERCORNS-$7.50-is for your peppermill or used for cracked pepper in your next recipe. 

90-MAPLE SAUSAGE SEASON-$6.50-is for sausage or meat loaf.

91-MARJORAM-$5.00-is used as basil and it is in the oregano family so it would be good in all types of meat and dishes including pizza.


92-MESQUITE GRILL SEASONING-$6.00-is good to enrich the flavor of your grilling with the smoke from wood chips.

93-MEXICAN CHILI POWDER-$6.00-is a medium hot chili powder with an earthy body. It is the best for heat and a very flavorable taste. Chili powder is one of the most common spices used to flavor Mexican food.

94-MOMBASSA POWDER-$7.50-(90,000 SU) is used as regular cayenne pepper except it is hotter. It is a chili raised in Africa’s hot sun and dry temperature which enhances the heat of the pepper.

95-MOMMICKED-$7.50-is my answer to the salt problem. It enriches the flavor of the items being cooked, and you never miss the taste of salt. I had a customer call me and 10 say he had just finished eating some fish that had been Mommicked to death, and they were the best he had ever had.

96-MOMMICK de MAN-$7.50-Stll working on the salt problem and it is really good for pork, beef, poultry and turkey. Just dry the meat with a paper towel, brush with a little olive oil, salt, pepper and sprinkle with Mommicked de Man on all sides. Cook the required time for your taste. Ask me for a recipe for the Turkey Loin.

97-MUSTARD SEEDS, GROUND-$5.00-hot and spicy adds to the flavor of meat, fish, fowl, pickling, cabbage, sauerkraut, sauces and salad dressing.

98-MUSTARD SEEDS, WHOLE-$5.00-is not as hot or strong as the ground but is good for the same things.

99-ONION GRANULES-$6.00-will go with anything onions are good on. Dried onion releases its flavor faster than fresh onions. Used in the foundation of meats, poultry, stews, soups and salads.

100-OREGANO-$6.00-is used for tomatoes, egg, cheese based foods lamb, pork, beef dishes. It is really good when combined with olive oil and garlic with vegetables. Try a little lemon juice with oregano and drizzle it over grilled fish or poultry. Good to accent pasta sauce, salad dressing. 

101-OYSTER AND SHRIMP BREADER-$6.50-is used for a fine dusting breader so the taste of the oysters and shrimp shine thru. Greatest!

102-PAPRIKA, HUNGARIAN-$6.00-is the main flavor in Hungarian cooking such as Goulash and Chicken Paprika. In the USA it is often used as garnish on deviled eggs, fish and vegetable/cheese casserole. See my recipe.

103-PAPRIKA, SPANISH-$6.00-This is a light peppery taste to season and add to the flavor. It is used in shell fish, rice, tomato dishes and salads. 

104-PAPRIKA, SPANISH SMOKED-$7.00-This is a light peppery taste to season and add flavor. It is used in shell fish, rice, tomato dishes and salads. Has a built in light smoky taste.

105-PEPPER, BLACK FINE-$5.00, Fine for shakers.- Is the same as the grinder type with out having to do the labor. It has an outstanding taste. 

106-PEPPER, BLACK GOURMET, COURSE-$8.50- Is the same as the grinder type with out having to do the labor. It has an outstanding taste right out of the shaker.

107-PEPPER, TELECHERRY PEPPERCORN-$8.50- is a whole peppercorn to be used in a grinder. All round seasoning same as a pepper grinder for the pepper lovers.  

108-PEPPERCORNS, WHOLE 5 MIX-$8.50-are a real treat for your pepper grinder for a special seasoning with a great flavor.

109-PEPPER, BLACK CRACKED BUTCHER BLEND-$7.50- Is a course cracked pepper used for seasoning meats. It is also good for soups and salads.

110-PEPPER, BLACK GOURMET, COURSE ITALIAN-$7.50- Is the same as the grinder type with out having to do the labor. It has an outstanding taste right out of the shaker.

111-RED PEPPER FLAKES-$6.50-is the most popular form of pepper along with the ground red pepper below.

112-RED PEPPER, GND-$6.50 -60,000 SU- Ground red cayenne pepper is a must in Cajun cooking, and in North Carolina BBQ. It is really the taste of the south. It is also good in stews, soups and salads and best of all, Southern fried chicken.

113-WHITE PEPPER GND.-$7.50-is used for sausage seasoning. It is also good seasoning for meatballs, hamburger and Meatloaf and dishes you would not like to discolor your dish with black pepper.

114-PINE NUTS-MARKET PRICE-are great in salads and all the things you use pecans and walnuts on. They are great in pancakes and waffles.

115-POPCORN SEASONING-$8.50-is used for seasoning popcorn to give it a maximum flavor and enjoyment with a little heat.

116- QUARTRE ÉPICES-$6.50-is used predominantly in cooked meat to eat or curing meats (mainly pork) and making salamis. With its relatively high proportion of white pepper to sweet spices, it can also be used as a pleasant alternative to ground white pepper in a pepper shaker. You can use it with rich meats such as venison or rare beef.

117-PEANUT SEASONING-$8.50-is used for seasoning peanuts to give it a maximum flavor and enjoyment with a little heat.

118-ROSEMARY, GROUND-$6.50-is used the same as fresh rosemary, but you don’t have to fish out the stems.  

119-RUSTIC RUB-$8.50-is a very tasty spice which can be used for a dry rub when blackening.

120-SAGE, GROUND-$5.00-is a good general seasoning for Stews and Soups. It is also a key ingredient for sausage. 


121-SATAN’S BREATH® HOT DAMN SALSA- (SEASON ONLY)-Is the life of the Party. Great on a cracker or Taco. (available only in season when fresh peppers are available.) 

122-SINBAD’S XXX HABANERO HOT SAUCE- (bottle on shelf)$8.50-is a terrific dipping sauce for BBQ, port, beef, and poultry and seafood. Try it the next time in lieu of horseradish. It makes the best.

123-SLAP de MAN-$8.50-is used for all types of grilling the full range of meats, fish and poultry.

124-SLAP YO MAMA-$8.50-Made for hot wings, mustard seasoning, sandwiches, and any dish you wish to be hot or favorable. It is upper scale in heat. Use 2 teaspoons of Slap Yo Mama in 9 oz. yellow mustard or mayonnaise for one of the best spreads you can get.

125-SLOPPY JOE SEASONING-$8.50-is not only good for Sloppy Joes but is very good for any type Galosh or meatloaf. Try it on your next hamburger. You will be very surprised.

126-SOUR SALT (CITRIC ACID-$7.00-is a Salt substitute, known as sour salt. There is no sodium in this product and it will help you lower your salt intake.

127-SOUTHWEST BLEND-$7.50-is used in any southwest cooking or taco recipe for that added special taste.

128-SOY SAUCE POWDER, DRY-$6.50-is used when stir-frying so you will not make a soup with liquid and overcook your dish while trying to evaporate the juice. Same as the liquid, but dry.

129-STEAK RUB-$7.50-is a light tasteful flavor for steaks, chops or chicken with no heat. Just a good seasoning that makes you want more. Rub with olive oil and sprinkle heavily before putting on grill. Ask for my recipe for the blackening steak.

129-A-STEAK RUB-$6.50-is a tasteful flavor for steaks by mopping the steak with olive oil lightly. Sprinkle the seasoning on a piece of wax paper and press the steak on the granules embedding the seasoning granules into the meat before grilling. 

130-STEW & SOUP SEASONING-$6.00-is a seasoning especially designed to enhance the flavor in your favorite stew or soup. 

131-SUMMER SAVORY-$5.00-is great as a seasoning in poultry, meat, soups, stews, bean dishes or any succotash, cabbage or sauerkraut and garnishing.

132-TEX MEX SEASONING-$7.50-is designed to bring out the best in Mexican and southwest cooking. Try it on your Chalupa, taco or enchilada.  

133-THYME, GROUND-$5.00-is great for a sprinkle for vegetables when steaming. It is also good for a rub on chicken, pork or beef.

134-THYME, WHOLE-$5.00-is great for a sprinkle for vegetables when steaming. It is also good for a rub on chicken, pork or beef. 

135-TITILATING TOTTY-$7.50 -The drink to satisfy the most discerning taste buds. Forget Bloody Mary, she is in the past. Add to tomato juice and gin.

136-TOMATO POWDER-$6.50- used as an additive in a stir fry instead of tomatoes with juice so as not to make a soup. It will also enhance any tomato dish to make it more acidic in flavor.

137-TURMERIC-$5.00-can be used as a substitute for saffron. Use turmeric to give your cooking an eastern and south Asian flavor especially in curries. It is also good for your joints.   

138-VEGETABLE STIR-FRY-$6.00-This is the greatest spice for the vegetables cooked in a pressure cooker. It is also good work stir-fries in the wok with olive oil.

139-VINDALOO-$7.00-is a hot & spicy Curry Flavor Spice used same as curry for beef, pork, chicken, duck and rice dishes, but hotter than curry. The one I make is a little milder than curry. 

140-VINEGAR, DRY POWDER-$6.50-is used in stir-fry to avoid getting soupy. Also as a salt substitute for meats to rid the flesh smell. This will enhance the flavor of fish by calming down the fish smell.

141-HORSERADISH POWDER-$9.00-This is used to put a little bite in your cooking. Use for seafood cocktail sauce, steaks, chops and side dishes when you want a little heat. 

142-MACE-$7.00-Used in fish as a stuffing or vegetables, pies, pound cakes and clear soups.

143-WASABI POWDER-$8.95-used for seasoning for oriental cooking or as a dip like horseradish.

144-WING & RIB RUB-$8.00-is used for a dry rub for ribs and wings. It has a real nice spicy flavor. Use a little olive oil to moisten and rub so the spices will not fall off.

145-ZA’TAR-$7.50-is for Middle East dishes as a seasoning or table spice. I use za’atar to blacken chicken with za’atar and salt and roast. It is also good on a salty white cheese such as Feta or Balkan. Sprinkle the za’atar on a slice of cheese and drizzle a little Olive Oil. Add some olives, tomatoes, or other vegetables, a pita to sop it up with and you have a nice light lunch. Brush your pita lightly with olive oil, sprinkle heavy with za’atar before baking. It is out of this world. It can be used in bread baking; both in the dough mix or sprinkled on top before baking. It also is a nice seasoning for fresh salads. Try some on your next scrambled eggs.

146-HICKORY SALT-$5.50-for grilling chicken, pork and beef with a hickory flavor without the smoke.

147-LEMON “n” HERB SEASONING SALT-$5.50- is a salt with a lemon zest for additional flavor on salads, seafood and chicken. It has a good zesty flavor.

148- LEMONY-LEMON PEPPER-$6.50, w/salt-is great on fish, lemon chicken or any dish cooked with lemon.

149-LEMON BUTTER FAJITA SALT-$5.50-is a salt with a lemon zest for additional flavor on salads, seafood and chicken.

150-MESQUITE SALT-$5.50- for grilling chicken, pork and beef with a mesquite flavor without the smoke. 


151-GRILLING SEASONING SALT-$6.50-is used not only for the sodium, but to add a different flavor.   

152-SEA SALT-$5.50-is a less processed salt, so it has less iodine. Sea Salt is suppose to be healthier, but I say it is healthier to use little or no salt at all.

153-CITRUS SEA SALT-$6.50-is used for vegetables seasoning as well as various meats and seafood. Excellent on roasted asparagus spears and snap beans.

154-SUMMER SAUSAGE-$6.50-is used season sausage or different types meat loafs , bugers.

155-OLD FASHION SAUSAGE-$6.50-is for sausage, meat loaf or different meats for the grill.

156- OLD FASHION SAUSAGE w/SAGE-$6.50- is for sausage, meat loaf or different meats for the grill.  

157-SWEET ITALIAN SAUASGE-$6.50-is used season sausage or different types meat loafs , bugers.

158-ROASTED GARLIC SAUSAGE--$6.50-is used season sausage or different types meat loafs , bugers.

159-PURE ORANGE ZEST-$6.50 is used in salads and seafood dishes and sauces.

160-SPAGHETTI SEASONING-$7.00-is used in spaghetti recipes on a sprinkle on for additional flavor.

161- ELMO’S TABLE SPICE-$8.00-Used for the extra add on spice to relieve the craving for salt. It gives you a lot of extra flavor with out the sodium.

162-HOT ITALIAN DIP-$3.50-is used for homemade dip for chips, vegetables, or crackers with a burst of heat.

163-REGULAR ITALIAN DIP-$3.50- is used for homemade dip for chips, vegetables, or crackers without the heat.

164-MINT LEAVES-$5.50-is used in a tea ball for mint tea or to flavor your favorite dish.

165-PARSLEY FLAKES-$5.00-is used for a flavoring for different dishes when fresh is not available.

166-FAJITA SEASONING SALT-$5.50-is a flavored seasoning salt for all dishes.

167-MESQUITE FLAVOR BBQ-$8.50-Used to give beef, pork or chickening the flavor of mesquite smoking with mesquite wood chips without the smoke in your eyes.

168-CLOVES, GROUND-$6.50-Used for baking pies, cinnamon cookies, hams and general cooking.

169-NUTMEG, GROUND-$6.50 -Used for baking pies, cookies, hams and general cooking.

170-CINNAMON-$6.50-Used for baking pies, cinnamon cookies, hams and general cooking.

171-CARDAMON-$6.50-Is a strong favorable spice from India used on meats, vegetables as well as baking.  

172-WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE POWDER-$7.50- Used the same as the liquid Worcestershire. Used for meat and vegetable stir fry.

173-ELMO’S KICKING DEVIL DUST-$8.50-This is a good all-purpose seasoning for great flavor and a little heat. I keep some on hand in a shaker and use it on about every thing.

174-PICKLING SPICE-$5.00-Used in pickling.

175-ELMO’S DELI BBQ SEASONING-$8.50-Used for a variety of foods form potatoes to meats.   

176-15 HERB MIXTURE-$5.00-A combination blend of herbs to use as seasonings for vegetables, salads and soups.

177-BBQ SEASONING-$8.50- used as a dry rub or as a wet mopping sauce.  

178-TEX MEX CHILI POWDER-$8.50-A good flavored chili powder with a southwestern flavor.

179-SNEAKING HOT SEASONING-$9.50-Makes a great chicken wing flavoring when heat is the goal. Spicy, spicy. Lot of flavor, lots of heat.

180-TACO SEASONING-$8.50-is used as a pre-mixed Taco seasoning fore all type tacos and stir-fry vegetables. 

181-HERB De PROVENCE-$7.00-Very popular in French cooking for salads, stews and soups.

182-THAI SPICE-$8.50-Thai tastes: salty, sour, spicy, and sweet. The false impression is it is screaming hot. Not so. Used in chicken, chili, pork and beef, it is Spicy, good comfort food.

183-CHEDDAR CHEESE POWDER-$7.50- Shake cheddar cheese powder over popcorn or potato chips for a tasty snack, or sprinkle it over soup for enhanced flavor. Also make some of the Mac and cheese, easy.

184-LAVENDER-$6.00- used in French cooking, jellys and jams.

185-BUTTER POWDER-$7.00-mkes a good pop-corn seasoning, glazing for baking beards. Also makes a good glazing for poultry and other grilling bobbs, shrimp or fish.