Fabulous Simple Dressing

1 lb. Satan's Breath® Boudin Sausage, precook breaking down into granules & drain, set aside.
1.5 T. olive oil
2 T. minced garlic
½ cup chopped, dried Cilantro
1 bunch green onions, chopped
2 baseball size onion, chopped
1 bell pepper, chopped
2 ribs celery, chopped

Put the olive oil and garlic in a wok and preheat.  When the
 temperature is up and the garlic is a light golden brown add
 the Cilantro, green onions, regular onions, pepper and celery
 to the wok and sauté.  Set aside.

2 packs Pepperidge Farm Herb stuffing
2 eggs beat until light and fluffy
¼ cup Worcestershire Sauce
2 T. Satan's Breath® Cayenne Pepper Sauce
2 T. Satan's Breath® Elmo’s Fabulous Finish
1 14.5oz. can Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup
1 14.5oz. can Campbell's beef consommé
1 T. Satan's Breath® Gourmet Grind Black Pepper
Salt (optional or to taste)

Put all above in a large mixing pan and mix until you have an even blend.
Put in a greased sheet pan, and bake in a 350ºF. oven for 30 to 45 minutes or until a golden brown.

This can be changed into Oyster Dressing by Just draining and adding 1 pint of oysters to mix.