There are a lot of good things happening with ELMO’S FIRE SPICES at SATAN’S BREATH®.  It is for the cooks who like to make it different and enhance the flavor.  Things do not have to be hot just because there are peppers in the blend.  Most of it depends on the quantity of spice used.  Things can go from favorable to screaming hot with just a twitch of the wrist.  Satan’s Breath®, Elmo’s Blends are made for direct dry seasoning or converter to a liquid marinade from the same container.

Chef Elmo started with his award winning Cajun Blend in 1953 and now has over 185 different blends to match any flavor you like from Cajun to Curry.  We also have 5 different Hot Sauces.  We also make and sell the sausage spices.  Our Custom Blends are taste tested by our customers in our shop and kitchen.  We cook a dish for tasting, which is sampled by our customers and our guests at our Bed & Breakfast, before a new blend is made.  If the blend does not get rave reviews, we remake it until it is lip smacking good.  Come stay with us at Cousin Martha's Bed & Breakfast and be one of our samplers. There is NO MSG, and/or FILLERS in our products.  When we sell spices, you buy spices, and no fillers, for that is what we think you really want.

Check out the latest article on Elmo and his spices, titled "Fan Of The Flame", in North Carolina's "Our State" Magazine.  The article was written by written by Bill Morris.  The photographer for the article was Scott Taylor. 


Feel free to check out one of Chef Elmo's recipes on our recipe pages.  We give free recipes with all of our custom spices. The recipes are written mild for the average person, but can be adjusted hotter with just a twitch of the hand.  Please E-mail us after cooking one of our dishes. Give us your opinion. We welcome your input. The results of your comments are used to improve our blends and insure satisfaction.  Also remember, we ship all over the US by priority mail. It's fast and dependable.  So, drop us a line at elmo@satansbreath.com. If you prefer to use "snail mail", our address is:

Satan's Breath®   305 Turner Street    Beaufort, NC 28516

Telephone (252) 728-3917
Toll Free: 1-877-GO-GRITS (1-877-464-7487)

We'd love to hear from you!

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